devo - in heaven & the one that gets away palladium 1979

booji boy: hello there. y'know, in the future, when you come to devo concerts, you won't see five spud boys up here, workin' our humps off. you'll see beautiful animated holograms floating around the room. and we'll pass out diapers at the door for everyone, so that when you all get in here, we'll turn on the subsonic frequencies and we'll all shit our pants together. yeah! yeah we'll have a good time, yeah! but if you're really lucky, if you're really lucky, you'll get to come to devo island. home to the world's first recombinant dna lab. where you too can become one of the beautiful mutants of the world. and when there's enough of us. when there's enough beautiful music. we'll come back. we'll come back and we'll kill all the normal people. we'll make it a wonderful place to live. we'll make it a beautiful planet. we'll make it on earth as it is... in heaven

a musician named Erik Nervous has a pretty good studio cover also. it misses mark mothersbaugh's tremulous tenor voice but it's probably the closest thing to a studio version of the song that exists.