✿ 111loggedin // xxenaa ♡ mixes

the album art for a recent 111loggedin / xxenaa mix. a bash terminal with some random commands occluded by an anime angel holding a JVC camcorder

i think i first heard 111loggedin from the dismiss yourself youtube channel. now they're putting up their own algorithm amenable jungle mixes that i like.

the titles are encoded in various ways. half the comments are people commenting on this with amusement joking about how they'll never be able to find the video again. presumably they are so feed-addled they don't know about liking and subscribing!! the other half are people doing shannon entropy analysis on the strings to try and work out what scheme is being used. i tried running it through cryptii but wasn't able to get anything.

posterity info box for this mix

we r so fcking bacj ( ◡̀_◡́)ᕤ

✠ ——— ✠ — tracklist — ✠ ——— ✠

riffz - untitled rough tunes

chasechase - 1994

ghostrider & special k - killin

ganja kru - tigerstyle (krome and time remix)

dr s gachet - remember the roller

electric blue - away

x project - jah set it

riffz, msymiakos - lurkin shadow

electric blue - deepness

tom & jerry- till the morning

dextrous & rude boy keith- lovable

benny blanco- remember me

jimmy j & cru-L-T - take me away (slipmatt remix)

mac demarco - on the level [skeptic's another level remix]

art by: milkyhearts__