Neil has a good idea for a story

Suppose there were aliens who were sort of sentient plants, okay? And they’re coming to visit Earth. Earth was in their tour guide- the tour catalog, because Earth, they know, had rainforests and a huge uh- plant biodiversity. And so they just want to see what’s going on here. And these are aliens that live off of sunlight and on their ship they just have lamps that they lay in, and that that’s where they get their energy.

So, they’ve never killed anything in their entire lives. The idea of killing something to survive is like completely foreign to them. So they arrive at Earth, and they see people who kill animals to live, but they don’t really understand animals, okay, but they do understand plants, okay. Plants are their brethren.

So they find another category of humans that exclusively kills plants for their survival. They would freak out, okay? They would say “what are you do- what? These are all people! They’re just sitting there innocently gathering sunlight! They can’t even run away from you! And what are you doing? You’re hack- you’re cutting them down and you’re eating them? Not only that, you are harvesting their reproductive organs especially to be consumed. The flowers, the nuts, the berries, the- the- all of this!”

They would just freak. And they’d continue to watch and they’d look at people shopping in Whole Foods and they see people in the produce aisle, as, as infanticide. Because what are they doing? They’re specially buying baby carrots. Baby spinach. Baby artichokes. Baby eggplant. Bean sprouts. And so the most barbaric living things on Earth would be the humans who are harvesting plants to be eaten.

Pretty cool!