dead birds

early returns in

read ‘em and weep

fire burn

and leap in the street

wave heat

the wave’s thirty feet

the meek inherit a softly rotted peach

the shepherd’s sheep dead

sign said don’t eat the meat

men are beasts

you’ll see it now

you’ll hear the shrieks

don’t ask what

just put it in the grease

sow as you reap

golden goose confit

eat your gun

gunshot residue on your teeth

color o’ the sun like blood when it’s deep


tryin’ find the fuckin’ leak

you know, you know you done fucked up, though, right?

you know you done fucked up, man

you know, you know you done fucked up, right?

you fucked up

bread cast on water

come back poisoned

film line the pot you boil water in

spoiled meat dipped in bleach

old oil drums the snake coiled in

once the goyim go in

it’s microwave with the foil in

particulate matter stain the skin

right where it meet the respirator mask rim

this original sin

nowadays he start every book at the end